EXTENDED APPLICATION DEADLINE: MARCH 7, 2014, to be sent to info@artviva.ro.

Applicants can download the application form from here or send an email to info@artviva.ro. Please ensure that all sections are completed. All documents, including the project proposals themselves, must be in English and should be sent via email to info@artviva.ro.

In addition to the application form (completed and signed), applicants must send also the following materials in English, as electronic files, at the address: info@artviva.ro
  • A story synopsis (no more than 2 pages)
  • An extensive outline or script treatment (about 10-15 pages)
  • A draft of the screenplay, if available
  • A sample of dialogue scenes
  • Curriculum vitae for each of the team members attending the workshop
  • Personal letter of intent for each of the team members attending the workshop
  • If available, applicants should also submit a track record of previous works

Film TEEP is a co-production training programme organized by ARTVIVA with the support of the Romanian National Center of Cinematography.

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