Russian Film Days @ cinema Studio

Russian Film Days @ cinema Studio

Russian Film Days Short Stories

November 2012

This year edition of the Russian Film Days, organized by the Russian Federation Embassy in partnership with UCIN, Artviva and Biblioteca Metropolitana, will bring for the Romanian audience a varied series of films produced by Mosfilm.

Opening gala: “The White Tiger”, director Karen Shakhnazarov, with Alexei Vertkov

BLURAY white tiger_bluray

“Armistice”, director Svetlana Proskurina, with Ivan Dobronravov, Alexei Vertkov

“Atonement”, director Alexandr Proshkin, with Victoria Romanenko, Rinal Muhametov

“The Doctor”, director Vladimir Pankov, with Andrei Zavodiuk, Andrei Kudriatzev, Sergei Rodiukov

Russian Film Days Doktor

Closing gala: “Short stories”, director Mihail Segal, with Andrei Merzlikin, Daria Nosik, Andrei Petrov

Screenings will be held at Cinema Studio in the presence of this edition special guests: Mr. Alexei Vertkov (actor) and Mr. Sergei Lavrentiev (film critic).

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