Giovvani RobbianoGiovanni was born in Genova Italy in 1958, he is a screenwriter and director as well as a film professor and trainer.

He is a graduate of Columbia University film division in New York where he was recipient of a Fullbright grant, he has been teaching at the University of Bologna and at IULM University in Milano.

Currently he teaches audiovisual production at The PROTAVAS program joint between the University of Genova and the Universitè de Nice, he teaches as well at the Universitè d’Evry Val D’essonne (F) and at Initiative Cinema in Geneva (CH). Since 2000 he works for the media program of the EEUU: he is a senior trainer at MFI (Greece) and teaches at Midpoint center (Prague) and at Summer media Studio in Lithuania. He has been also teaching and lecturing in most European countries.

As a professional filmaker he directed four features and wrote and produced many others, as well as TV series, documentaries and practically all kind of audiovisuals.

He also wrote a technical book on screenwriting, at the moment he is involved with other feature projects as well as with two TV series.

He is married with four kids and lives in his hometown, Genova.