Iuliana Tarnovetchi

IulianaTarnovetchi_ProducerIs a film professional with an extensive experience in production, with over 15 years in the business and more than 20 films produced.

A major part of the projects she worked on are big international co-productions that were highly appreciated, both by the public and by the professionals, some of which awarded in prestigious festivals.

In 2011, Iuliana set up her own production company, Alien Film, gathering together a very talented group of people. Iuliana has put all her experience and energy into developing new projects (feature films, short films, animation and new media) and into building a team of professionals capable of running any type of project, local or international, from the concept phase to the post-production phase.

Selected filmography:  THE FLAVORS COLLECTION (short film, 2013), BY THE BOOK (short film, 2012), BORA BORA (short film; 2011), POKER (feature film; 2010), WEEKEND WITH MY MOTHER (feature film; 2009), FIRE&ICE (TV movie; 2008), CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ (feature film; 2007), JACQUOU LE CROQUANT (feature film; 2006), SWEENEY TODD (TV movie; 2006), JOYEAUX NOEL (feature film; 2005), AMEN (feature film; 2002).