The 1st Film TEEP opens its doors and creates opportunities – Mannheim Meeting Place hosts the follow-up 2013 1st Film TEEP on 1st to 4th November in Mannheim.


Mannheim Meeting Place, the professional sector of IFF Mannheim Heidelberg  held during the Film Festival (30th Oct to 10th November), has given support  to Bucharest’s  1st Film TEEP and will host the final phase of the 2013 workshop in Mannheim 1st to 4th November 2013.

“Co-production event networking is becoming more and more relevant with the continuing decrease in public funding and increase of venues. When you have three or four events in the same week, as now happens more and more often, and two of them are complementary, then it makes perfect sense to co-operate rather than to ignore or cannibalize” – thus Julek Kedzierski, Coordinator of Mannheim’s MMP, the co-production market specialized in start-up (first or second feature) majority producers with artistic intent now in its 4th year..

“On the other hand”, continues Ruxandra Cernat, organizer of 1st Film TEEP, “public support plans are often rigidly set, thus hobbling shorter-term initiatives that could then founder for lack of completed financing. In this case Film TEEP  found a logical partnership with MMP – who were on their side looking to expand 2013 participation without compromising thresholds, while Film TEEP were looking for a home to finish their project. Minds met.”

Indeed the most relevant Film TEEP members will have a chance to join as participants in MMP, and, if successful will automatically be prolonging their stay in Mannheim to cover both events.

The 1st Film TEEP co-production training programme organized by ARTVIVA Romania, (Ruxandra Cernat) with extra-ordinary support of the Romanian National Center of Cinematography, took place  8 -13th May 2013,  at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Bucarest.


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